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CBS Sitcom Star Hamish Linklater '94 Visits

As published in the Globe:

Actor Hamish Linklater, who costars with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "The New Adventures of Old Christine," returned to his alma mater this weekend, helping the Commonwealth School celebrate its 50th anniversary at the Cyclorama. (Fellow grads on the guest list included Stefan Forbes, director of the new documentary "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story," former ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, NPR reporter JJ Sutherland, and MIT's David Altshuler.) Linklater said he has "rosy" memories of high school but also a recurring nightmare about being told he can't graduate. "I'm here to exorcise that dream," he told us. Linklater, whose mom is Shakespeare & Company cofounder and famous vocal coach Kristin Linklater, was raised among trained actors at The Mount, the Lenox spread that was Edith Wharton's before it was Shakespeare & Company's headquarters. "It was incredibly fun," he said. Well, most of the time. "The actors would steal my Big Bird doll and kill it . . . hang it or put it in the oven." Ah, the fun-filled '70s.

Posted 11/02/2008 06:42PM

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