Perennially recognized as one of the region’s premier independent high schools, Commonwealth is an inspired and diverse gathering of students who enjoy a dynamic urban setting and a culture of rigorous and adventurous intellectual and artistic exploration.

Challenged by thought-provoking curriculum, supported by outstanding faculty, and inspired by a generous community, Commonwealth students share the excitement of inquiry and graduate poised to succeed at the best colleges and beyond.

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Virtual Commonwealth

While it could never replace our home at 151 Commonwealth, our online learning portal Virtual Commonwealth will allow us to carry forward our work—and remain connected as a community—in these unprecedented times. 

Expanding Horizons

We encourage students to pursue their passions wholeheartedly. Project Week for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors and three-week Senior Projects give students an opportunity to find or pursue a special interest through faculty-led international exchanges or mentored internships in business, government, academia, science, the arts, and more. These intensive projects help students sharpen their skills, discover new fields, and forge their own paths.

“I've spent my Project Weeks exploring fields I've thought about pursuing in the future, such as public health, theater, and education," says Zelda Stewart '17. "I was lucky enough to enjoy every one of them, but what made them especially valuable was that I learned more about not only what I do want to do in my life, but what I don't want to do as well!”

Get Started

At Commonwealth, we’re looking for inquisitive, driven, and creative students from a wide range of backgrounds. We encourage you to visit us, talk with teachers and students, and see if Commonwealth is right for you.