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Commonwealth is a co-ed independent day school welcoming curious, highly motivated students in grades 9–12. In an academic atmosphere that is exhilarating, genuine, and joyful, our students learn to read closely, to think critically, and to write with clarity and power. Our close-knit community thrives on making meaningful intellectual and personal connections, while tapping into the opportunities surrounding our home in Boston’s Back Bay.

Meet Faculty and Students

It is humbling and exhilarating to come to work every day to a place where people are working for a common goal with such a mix of competence and humanity.

César Pérez, History, Languages

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My eighth-grade self would never have believed I would love homework so much.

Ilaria ’22

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Commonwealth taught me how to interact with different people, and I think I've learned a lot of skills regarding meeting new people.  It's having that safe space, where I can make myself uncomfortable, but I also have my advisor and I have friends who support me. 

Avery '23

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Commonwealth attracts a great mix of students that I've made a lot of strong connections with. In that area, it was much easier for me than I expected to feel comfortable going up and talking to new people, since everyone is getting to know each other the same way you are.

Ben ’23

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My students teach me so much that each subsequent year the course is informed by their insights.

Melissa Glenn Haber '87, History

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Classes have been absolutely amazing. The teachers here really care about what they’re teaching, and that makes all the difference.

Olivia ’24

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By the Numbers


students in grades 9-12


students of color

$1.5 million

financial aid granted for 2021–2022


teachers holding advanced degree


student-to-faculty ratio


all-school trips each year


median SAT composite score (Class of 2021)

Happening Now


Theo Paul has always loved math and making things. A legendary Commonwealth biker (foot-powered—for now), he’s even been known to make his own bicycles. Whether on the trail, leading a math classroom, or acting as our Hancock “Czar,” Mr. Paul brings an energy to his work that is—to borrow his “most overused” word—awesome.


When things get difficult, shift into observer mode and try to take the long view, suggests Audrey Budding—fitting advice from a history scholar. A fixture at Commonwealth since 2001, Ms. Budding has always been fascinated by stories about people in the past, particularly those with a touch of mystery.


Commonwealth Biology teacher Emma Sundberg isn’t being facetious when she says, “Happy Monday!” Nor is she one to shy away from challenges—in fact, they are to be savored. After all, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Keep reading to learn more about this fountain of wisdom found in Commonwealth’s biology lab.


People contain multitudes—and Don Conolly is certainly no exception. A member of Commonwealth’s history and classics departments since 2001, he would be content floating on a lake in absolute silence…or surrounded by rugby hooligans…or jamming with funk legends Rufus and Chaka Khan

At Commonwealth, we’re looking for inquisitive, driven, and creative students from a wide range of backgrounds. We encourage you to visit us, talk with teachers and students, and see if Commonwealth is right for you.