Open Positions

Dean of Students

Commonwealth School, a small independent high school in Boston’s Back Bay, is looking for a full-time Dean of Students, starting summer 2018.

The Dean of Students reports to the Assistant Head of School. The chief responsibility is to promote the wellbeing and success of students in school. This includes both support for students facing emotional and psychological challenges and coordination of learning support—tutoring and accommodations—for students who need more than the usual teacher conferences (including students with learning profiles). In the former the Dean works closely with our School Counselor, and in the latter with the Coordinator of Academic Support. The Dean is also responsible for working with families to facilitate support for students (at times including help outside of school) and consulting with faculty members to serve students within the community. The Dean of Students will also teach part-time in an area of expertise.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Dean of Students will:

  • Work with the school leadership to develop and manage academic and social policies, protocols, and practices that serve to support student development, learning, health, and safety.
  • Collaborate with the team to provide academic support, student counseling, and testing.
  • Coordinate and facilitate communication between student, family, school, and other involved professionals.
  • Partner proactively with faculty and administration to support students with different learning styles and teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs.
  • Develop and write, alone or in collaboration with consultants, student accommodation/learning plans with long-term goals and specific objectives.
  • Oversee and supervise advising, wellness, and counseling systems.
  • Counsel students as appropriate and necessary, working closely with the school counselor.
  • Coordinate new-student orientation.
  • Maintain confidential student records and keep accurate documentation of sessions, meetings, and assessments.
  • Initiate and schedule parent conferences as needed.
  • Recommend in-school and community resources for identified students.
  • Work with professionals outside the school to support students.
  • Network with colleagues at other independent schools.
  • Pursue professional development opportunities.
  • Participate in committee, department, and staff meetings as well as school-sponsored events that would benefit from your area of expertise.
  • Be involved in the school community at large.
  • Assume responsibility for other projects as assigned by the Head of School.
  • Qualifications

    Candidates should have

    • •An advanced degree as well as relevant work experience in an educational setting.
    • •5+ years of experience in education and a record of success as part of an administrative team.
    • •Demonstrated ability to provide or coordinate support for adolescents from diverse backgrounds.
    • •Knowledge of learning differences, neuropsychological testing, and in interpreting, evaluating, and translating educational assessments and testing.
    • •Outstanding organizational and communication skills.
    • •Strong networking skills to ensure effective marshaling of resources in the broader community.
    • •Comfort and capability in using technology.
    • •Enthusiasm about working in a lively, intellectually exciting community.

    Founded nearly fifty years ago, Commonwealth offers its 150 students an education that sets very rigorous academic standards, makes the arts a part of everyday life, and, through various programs with the surrounding city, promotes social responsibility. More information about the school can be found at www.commschool.org.

    Interested candidates should send résumés to Mara Dale, mdale@commschool.org.

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    The Director of Diversity reports directly to the head of school. S/he works closely with academic and administrative staff and faculty. The Director will lead implementation of the school’s diversity efforts, including in faculty recruitment, development, and retention; student recruitment and retention; curriculum; and student life. A significant project for the new Director will be the development and supervision of a small, rigorous multiyear summer program to attract students from underprivileged backgrounds to and prepare them for Commonwealth. The Director will teach two classes, as well.

    The Director of Diversity will:

    Provide strategic leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion.

    Implement a diversity strategic plan, based upon the school's mission and long-range plan, including the development of a summer program.

    In collaboration with the head of school and Director of Faculty, improve effectiveness and success in recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff.

    With the Director of Studies and faculty, evaluate, advise on, and support development of a curriculum that is inclusive of the voices and histories of diverse communities.

    Serve as a resource for faculty with respect to curriculum design and student support.

    Work with the admission office to recruit, welcome, and retain students from diverse backgrounds; and review and implement the mentoring program for new families.

    Develop sensitive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and parents.

    Act as liaison to and develop strong relationships with the various diversity and inclusion-related groups in the school, and respond to diversity- and equity-related issues among the student body as they arise.

    Support and develop student diversity leadership.

    Plan, develop, and market diversity and inclusion-focused education, programs, and events for faculty, staff, students, and families; and professional development workshops and programming for faculty and staff.

    Act as a liaison between the school and local communities of color to serve these communities better and to support the school’s outreach and admissions marketing and recruitment programs.

    Work with the communications office to publicize diversity-related events, educational opportunities, workshops, etc. for students, faculty, families, and the local community.

    Network with diversity coordinators at other independent schools as well as off-campus cultural resource organizations.

    Represent the school at local, regional, and national diversity events as determined in conjunction with the head of school.

    Pursue professional development opportunities; attend conferences and professional meetings in order to remain current with diversity and inclusion issues that may affect the school.

    Promote best practices with respect to diversity issues.

    Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree as well as substantial training or experience in counseling and supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds in privileged educational settings, and in working within schools to encourage discussion about culture and values and to support growth.

    Candidates also should have teaching experience and/or an advanced degree in a subject so as to be able to teach accelerated high school classes.

    Interested candidates should send résumés to Mara Dale, mdale@commschool.org.

    Computer Science and Math Teacher

    Commonwealth School in Boston seeks a full-time computer science and math teacher for grades 9-12 beginning Fall 2018. The position would involve teaching three half-credit computer science courses as well as a full-credit math course. In the first and second year this position would include close work with faculty mentors, including the auditing of other classes; serving as a faculty advisor to a small number of students; and the assumption of one or more administrative tasks shared among the faculty. Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and some experience teaching or tutoring.

    Commonwealth is a small independent day school that occupies two brownstones in Boston's Back Bay. It is known for its academic rigor, strong program in the arts, and extensive use of the city of Boston. It attracts bright, motivated students from all over the Boston metropolitan area, and, with the help of an unusually strong financial aid program, draws young people from a variety of backgrounds. Detailed information about the school is available on its website at www.commschool.org.

    If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit a résumé and three references to Mara Dale, Dean of Faculty: mdale@commschool.org.

    Consulting Nurse

    Commonwealth is seeking to engage a nurse on a consulting basis to undertake duties that include the following:

    1. Review health forms and meet as needed with incoming students with ongoing health issues.

    2. Manage the lists of students with allergies and develop and coordinate protocols for prevention and care.

    3. Manage health reminders and notices for students and parents.

    4. Be available for important, brief consults via phone, email, and text on particular cases as they arise.

    5. Train faculty to administer EpiPens.

    6. Run or organize a first aid training course for faculty, and one for students.

    The position will begin in September and will be paid at an hourly rate.

    If interested, please submit a cover letter and résumé to spoynter@commschool.org.