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Board of Trustees

The headmaster of Commonwealth School is supported by a strong board of trustees who hail from diverse leadership backgrounds. Together, they are committed to the school's mission and values.


Board of Trustees Portal

Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Therese Hendricks P’05, ’07, Chair

John Dowd P'20, Treasurer

Max Kohlenberg ’73, P’07, ’10, Clerk

Jose Alvarez P’10, ’12, '18

Elizabeth Bailey ’68

Mary P. Chatfield P'71, '79

Frederick Ewald P'21

Mark Finch '71

Anna Fitzloff

Charles Fried P’79, ’81, GP'19, '23

Julia Hewitt Holloway ’82

Susan Kluver P'74, '76

Marie Lossky P'10, '11

Amy Merrill '64

Bob Murchison P'10

Robin Orwant P'21, '23

Mary Paci P’77, ’83

Ken Pucker P'15, '17

Judith Sanford-Harris ’70

Jeffrey Schwartz '96

Jonathan Sheffi '99

Bryan Eric Simmons

Cathryn Stein P'11

William D. Wharton P’06, Ex officio

Laura Pedrosa '10, Ex officio

Faculty Trustees (non-voting)

Don Conolly

Kathy Tarnoff

Student Representatives (non-voting)

Travis Chaplin '20

Kathryn O'Rourke '20