Commonwealth has consistently stood out for the caliber of its faculty and students, and the distinction of the work they do. In the coming years we aim to undertake a series of initiatives to enhance the program, facilities and finances of the school to ensure that Commonwealth can continue to attract the students and teachers that place it among the finest schools in the country. In five years we want to be a school:

  • With a diverse and competitively compensated faculty, who benefit from regular and constructive evaluation and collaboration, from outstanding opportunities for professional development, and a workload that, while demanding, is fair and sustainable.
  • With a first-rate academic program that offers expanded options for students.
  • That effectively and persuasively communicates its program’s rigor and strength both to its market and to colleges and universities.
  • With improved extracurricular, athletics, and wellness programs that reflect the same high standards of its academics and arts and encourage habits of physical and emotional fitness.
  • Whose facilities combine the charm and beauty of its building with flexible, useful, energy efficient, sharply attractive, and up-to-date labs, classrooms, and studios.
  • Whose students are competent and confident in the use of technology in learning while remaining grounded in Commonwealth’s close, friendly, face-to-face culture.
  • With a stronger financial aid program that keeps the school accessible to families of all economic strata and permits at least ten percent of its student body to come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • With the fiscal discipline to implement a controlled and sustainable plan for tuition increases.
  • With an endowment and other financial resources that will enable it to implement and sustain the initiatives of this plan.

This plan will enable the school to better fulfill its mission and make it more appealing to prospective families, ensuring a strong and steady stream of applicants.