Because new students come to Commonwealth from many different types of schools, their training and levels of preparation for our courses vary. We use placement testing and conversations with the Director of Studies and teachers to help us design a first-year schedule suited specifically to your needs and interests. In subsequent years, your advisor (in consultation with the faculty) will help you to shape your program.

The standard course load at Commonwealth is five or five and a half academic courses and one or two art courses per year. All classes, whether they are full or half credit courses, run for the entire year. You must be enrolled in the equivalent of at least four full academic credits and one art course each year to remain in good standing. Our minimum graduation requirement is sixteen credits.

If you have a passionate interest in a particular subject, have proved yourself intellectually engaged and self motivated (and reliable about deadlines), you will have the opportunity to apply for a year of independent study under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Applications to the Capstone Program are due in spring of junior year; accepted applicants will begin research and correspond with mentors during the summer and into senior year.