College Counseling

College ambitions and choices are as unique as students themselves. That's why Commonwealth students and their families receive close and individualized guidance through the college search, mitigating its stressors and ensuring students have college options that will allow them to thrive.

College Counseling at Commonwealth

In the middle of 11th grade, each student starts working with a college counselor. As they begin to plan for the coming year, students receive individual accounts on Commonwealth's Naviance system.

During 12th grade, many other elements come into play:

  • College visits: The school designates several days in September and October as college visiting days for seniors.
  • Essay advisor: In addition to a faculty advisor and college counselor, each senior also has an advisor who helps them present their experiences so college admissions officers can more fully appreciate the student’s interests and strengths.
  • Recommendation letters: Because teachers, the Head of School, and college counselor know each student well, their recommendation letters sparkle with vivid detail.
  • Academic recognition: By senior year most students have taken several Advanced Placement exams. A senior class of thirty-six typically includes two dozen students recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program and a dozen or more AP scholars.
The education I got at Commonwealth was spectacular. I had such good teachers and such good peers. And a funny thing, it kind of spoiled college for me.... Commonwealth put me so far ahead that it was a different experience.Will Brownsberger ’74, Massachusetts State Senator

Prepared for College and Beyond

Colleges frequently report that our graduates distinguish themselves in the depth of their preparation and interest in their studies. Most are ambitious in what they seek from college: demanding work and intellectual excitement. Many move directly into advanced undergraduate courses.

In choosing among a variety of institutions large and small, near and far, our students go through an exercise in patience, thoughtful self-assessment, and organization. They also benefit from the steady support of a school that knows them well. Starting in the junior year, college counselors, who are also teachers, meet regularly with students and help them plan applications and meet deadlines.

Representatives from some fifty colleges and universities visit Commonwealth each fall, and several days are set aside in October for students' visits to campuses. Teachers, the Head of School, and college counselor can write recommendations that are at once comprehensive and specific.

We work hard to help students prepare strong applications, but we also encourage them to regard college placement not as the reason for, but as a consequence of their achievement here. We are proudest of our success in preparing students for their lives beyond Commonwealth, and of how often they prioritize work that can make a difference in the world.

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Sophia Meas

Director of College Counseling, 11th and 12th Grade Class Advisor
M.Ed., Harvard University

Class of 2021 Matriculations

Boston College 
Columbia University 
Cornell University 
Grinnell College
Harvard College
Haverford College 
Johns Hopkins University
McGill University 
Mount Holyoke College 
Northeastern University 
Northwestern University 
Pomona College 
Princeton University
Royal College of Music 
Smith College 
University of Southern California 
University of Chicago
Vassar College 
Washington University in St. Louis 
Wellesley College 

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