Peruse the Commonwealth curriculum and imagine what it will be like to be a student in our classrooms. Below you can preview the first year, explore graduation requirements, and browse an exceptional array of college-caliber courses from each academic department. And you can get a sense of a typical day, week, and year at Commonwealth with sample student schedules and our academic calendar.  



Commonwealth has helped me find more joy in learning than I had before, which overall helped me look for ways to enjoy things I might not have before, and I think that's a good way of looking at the world.

Class of 2023

My Commonwealth experience would not be the way it is without all of the teachers who are so enthusiastic in their teaching that it becomes infectious. Even as a self-proclaimed “humanities student,” I still crave the feeling of successfully solving a math or physics problem because the teachers have made the content so enjoyable to learn.

Class of 2021

Commonwealth has taught me to question everything. It’s not quite 'skepticism,' but just always questioning where things come from, what they mean, what assumptions a particular argument might ask you to make, and where your own opinions or leanings come from. There’s also the importance of really listening to people. That's something that I think the Commonwealth community does really well.

Class of 2021


Sample Weekly Schedules


The typical Commonwealth schedule isn’t typical at all. Our students' many and varied interests pull them in myriad directions and keep our building humming with activity. Still, our sample schedules will give you a better sense of what your first years might look like at Commonwealth. 



Graduation Requirements

Preview how Commonwealth students progress through our rigorous curriculum in four years, taking five courses each year (including required arts).

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Ninth Grade

Students come to Commonwealth from a variety of backgrounds, and our dedicated course work prepares them for their subsequent studies.

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Academic Calendar

Holidays, school breaks, community events, and more: our academic calendar catalogues the dates all current students and families need to know.

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