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Computer Science

Computer science is all about problem solving; writing code is a lot like working out a puzzle. It’s a discipline that changes the way you think. It can turn everything you do into a step-by-step challenge. For instance, if you get up late in the morning, you probably ask yourself (even if you’re too sleepy to be aware of the steps): “How can I prioritize my time most efficiently? What is the most important thing I have to do? What will take longest? What can I eliminate to save time?” You’ll find that learning the syntax of a new computer language is not all that different from learning new vocabulary as you study another spoken language.

Not only is computer science fun and intellectually stimulating, it is also the fastest-growing occupation out there. Skilled young programmers are in high demand and will be for the foreseeable future. The tech giants are constantly searching for new talent. The work of computer science is woven into pretty much every field in the “real world” today—medicine, finance, education, artmaking, public relations, museum work, business, architecture—the list goes on and on.

In Boston we are extremely lucky to live in one of the great technology hubs of the nation. If you’re an enthusiastic computer science student, you’ll have matchless opportunities to land projects with innovative companies. Often these can turn into well-paying summer jobs or can evolve into long-lasting internships.

Students who endeavor to study computer science at Commonwealth will find themselves not only able to apply it in the "real world," but to explore its philosophical implications. What is computation? What can and cannot be computed? We aim to provide students with the training to find both beauty and elegance in this discipline.


I find the approaches and habits that go with the constraints of different languages to be a fascinating part of the thought behind programming, and I think it’s beautiful to people who get along well with the mathematical and the logical."

Meet the Computer Science Faculty

David Gold

Degrees: B.S., Yale University

Matthew Singer

Degrees: B.S., Northeastern University
M.S., Northeastern University