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Humanities and Social Sciences

Have you ever wondered how movies “work” to manipulate the audience or exactly what music does to “grab” the listener? Did a trip to the MFA when you were in grade school inspire you with a lifelong love of impressionist painting? Have discussions about the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin made you want to know more about how economies work? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about how to think through upcoming arguments in the Supreme Court.

We hope that the discussions, readings, and research you enjoy in your core courses will trigger your imagination in many directions. To help satisfy your curiosity, we offer a broad and changing selection of electives in the humanities and social sciences. Often, we will add new courses to the curriculum in response to students’ and teachers’ lively interest.


Please note: electives may change from year to year.

Meet the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty

Don Conolly

B.A., Stanford University
M.A., University of Washington

Mara Dale

B.A., Williams
M.A., Harvard University
Ph.D., Harvard University

Melissa Glenn Haber

B.A., Harvard University
M.P.P., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., Brandeis University

Rob Sherry

B.A., Yale University
Ph.D., Princeton University