Co-ed independent day school in Boston's Back Bay for academically adventurous students in grades 9–12


You’ll soon discover that the language you choose to study, whether spoken or classical, spills far beyond the classroom—often in ways that may surprise you. Later, through school-organized exchanges and trips to Spain, France, China, Peru, and Italy, you will have the opportunity to explore the country whose culture, literature, and history are becoming second nature to you.

Our language classes teach students to understand French, Mandarin, and Spanish speakers around the world both in their native tongues and historical contexts. The same classroom discussions that hone their speaking skills introduce students to such issues as the impact of communism in Cuba, French imperialism in North Africa, socio-economics and religion in Peru, and how Latin American culture is portrayed in popular culture.





Meet the Languages Staff

Don Conolly

B.A., Stanford University
M.A., University of Washington

Jérémie Korta

B.S., University of Arizona
M.A., Harvard University
Ph.D., Harvard University

Kathy Lewis

B.A., Rutgers University
M.A., Tulane University
M.A., Michigan State University

César Pérez

A.M., Harvard University
M.A., University of Iowa

Mónica Schilder

B.A., Universidad Católica del Perú
M.A., Boston University

Rui Shu

B.A., Beijing Foreign Studies University
M.A., Harvard Graduate School of Education