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Audiovisual Recording Notice

As you know, because of the ongoing public health crisis, Commonwealth School is delivering educational experiences to your student in a remote learning environment.  To facilitate that, this Audiovisual Recording Notice describes the types of information that the school may collect from students and other individuals who participate in remote education. You may opt out by providing written notice; please see below.

Information the School May Collect

The school will record audio and video of certain classes, meetings, and other school related events (“Recordings”).  Students and other individuals will participate in Recordings in real-time, as well as viewing Recordings at later times.  We do not intend to edit the Recordings.  Thus, in addition to educational content, the Recordings will likely capture the students’ and other participants’ names, appearances, voices, personal information and characteristics, activities, and any other information that occurs or is provided during the Recordings. Additionally, the Recordings also may capture documents and written communications related to such Recordings, such as course materials and chat communications.

Student Obligations

During Recordings, students and other participants should not share any personal, private, or other confidential information.  Anything a student or other participant shares during a Recording will be heard and viewed by others who participate in the Recording either in real time or later.  All Recordings are regarded as regular classroom and school events, and all of the school’s standards and codes of conduct apply to Recorded events.

For the protection of all participants, only the school is permitted to make Recordings.  Students and parents are not permitted to make their own personal or private Recordings.  If a student or parent needs access to a Recording, the student or parent may submit a request to the appropriate faculty or staff member.


To deliver effective remote education, the school needs to use and disclose Recordings.  Thus, as a condition of participating in these events:

  1. The school will record your student during the student’s attendance and participation in Recordings, and may digitize, modify, alter, edit, adapt, create derivative works, display, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, reproduce, or otherwise use Recordings, without further consent from you.
  2. The school will use the Recordings in materials created by or on behalf of the school in connection with the dissemination and delivery of remote education and other educational services, without further consent from you.

The school is the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in and to the Recordings, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Neither you nor your student will have any right to review or approve any Recording before it is used or disclosed.

Although we have prohibited students and others from making personal or private Recordings, it may not be feasible technologically to entirely prevent such conduct.  The school has no liability whatsoever for such personal or private Recordings, or any improper use or disclosure of such personal or private Recordings.

Students and parents are considered to have granted permission for the recording of online educational activities as outlined above unless a written notice withdrawing that permission is sent to the Director of Communications. If you choose to opt out, please do so as soon as possible so that provisions can be made for your child’s participation.