Virtual Commonwealth Values

We use the term remote learning deliberately and in lieu of technology-specific terms such as “e-learning” or “online classes” because we believe meaningful remote learning opportunities do not—and should not—require students to sit isolated in front of a screen for hours each day. Instead, our approach to remote learning seeks, to the greatest extent possible, to ensure that students maintain connections with each other and their teachers, and engage in authentic learning experiences in all their classes. 

Although remote learning will never replace the direct contact students have with their teachers and peers as members of our close-knit school community, it will allow students to continue to progress in their studies and to maintain relationships with friends and trusted adults.

In that spirit, we conduct our work via Virtual Commonwealth and in accord with the following:

  • We hope to follow our normal class schedule as much as possible but acknowledge the need for flexibility as we adjust to the unique demands this situation presents.
  • We expect everyone to try their best and to exercise patience with themselves and each other. We do not expect perfection. We are all figuring this out as we go along, one step at a time.
  • We encourage all members of our community to maintain the cadence of a “normal” day as much as possible: waking up on time, showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc. Routine has value.
  • We attend to physical and mental health, including engaging in daily exercise, eating balanced meals, having meaningful interactions with friends and loved ones, and giving time to fulfilling pastimes.
  • We recommend reducing screen time as much as possible by taking frequent and deliberate breaks, as well as setting clear digital boundaries to maintain your offline hours. 
  • We acknowledge our individual and collective responsibility to rise to the challenge of remote learning.
  • We encourage open lines of communication, asking questions, offering suggestions, sharing struggles, and celebrating success as they arise.
  • We are in this together, buoyed by flexibility, patience, humor, and humility.