At Commonwealth, we look for inquisitive, creative students who push themselves in pursuit of their interests: purifying DNA; reading the epics of Homer; learning Mandarin and then using it on a trip to China; shooting and developing photos on film—wherever curiosity leads. Within—and beyond—the walls of our two brownstones, students explore nuanced ideas about the world around them.

As a small school with small classes, Commonwealth fosters close, trusting relationships between students and their advisors, teachers, and classmates. Daily all-school gatherings, weekly one-on-one advisory meetings, and unique annual traditions help create a strong community in which students feel both challenged and understood.

From our base in the heart of the Back Bay, students take advantage of Boston: they conduct original research at the Boston Public Library and Athenaeum; train for cross-country races along the Esplanade; engage with a bevy of notable thinkers during Thursday assemblies; and seek out internships with local scholars, artists, scientists, and politicians. The city is our campus, and we make the most of everything that it has to offer.

By bringing together bright young people and teachers passionate about their subjects, we kindle an energy that opens and unfolds minds. A love of learning, the ability to think deeply, individualism—all are cultivated here.

The Benefits of Boston

The city is our campus. For our first-year City of Boston class, students explore the history and diversity of this rich city. To prepare for weekly field trips to neighborhoods like Chinatown and the North End, we read about topics like immigration and redevelopment.

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Intellectual Passion

Our students’ curiosity is limitless. From Modernist poetry to number theory, our students stretch their minds and follow their interests. Whether in French, physics, or ceramics, our classes nurture exploration and creativity driven by student and faculty passion and expertise.

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Faculty and Advising

Our teachers are experts in their fields. More than forty percent of our teachers hold doctorates, bringing with them remarkable experience and knowledge in areas such as chemistry, international studies, ecology, optics, writing, and jazz.

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Our Community

Our community is strong. Generosity and respect guide how we treat each other. Every morning we gather for announcements; each day students cluster in lobbies, nooks, and corners all over the building to talk in between classes and before and after school.

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