Admissions & Aid

Intellectually curious and endlessly creative, Commonwealth students are eager to push themselves in pursuit of their interests: sequencing DNA, reading the epics of Homer, performing a sonata they wrote themselves. Within and beyond the walls of our home in Boston’s Back Bay, students explore nuanced ideas about the world around them, forge close-knit relationships with peers and teachers, and graduate prepared to lead lives of substance and service to others.


Why Commonwealth?

You simply won’t find another school—one of our size, intellectual rigor, and ethos—quite like Commonwealth. By bringing together inquisitive young people and teachers passionate about their subjects, we kindle an energy that opens and unfolds minds. Our small size is our strength, and Commonwealth fosters close, supportive relationships between students and their advisors, teachers, and classmates. A love of learning, the ability to think deeply, individualism—all are cultivated here.


I think Commonwealth's strengths are its teachers, its inclusive community, and its focus on writing and communication in addition to a diverse and well-rounded education. I would highly recommend Commonwealth to any student looking for this kind of environment.



Class of 2023



How to Apply

Does the thought of joining a warm and welcoming group of enthusiastic students appeal to you? Would you like to have the city of Boston at your fingertips? Do you want the freedom and support to go wherever your curiosity might lead? If that sounds like you, you sound like a Commonwealth student.


Financial Aid

Since our earliest days, we’ve extended financial aid to students whose families could not otherwise afford the full cost of tuition. If you have the intellectual drive, aptitude, and desire to learn here, then let’s talk about ensuring that you can.

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