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Everybody is intense about their academics, but everybody works hard together. The community is just the best. If I need help with my classes, I'll ask my friends, but also people I don't know very well, because I'm confident that they're going be willing to help me.

Class of 2020


We have a very small, warm, and welcoming community. Because it's so small, the transition to high school is a lot easier because everyone is so focused on the ninth graders for the first year, so you feel very taken care of.

Class of 2021

Freedom plays a big part in the Commonwealth experience. The freedom that it gives students anywhere from being able to walk through the city to get lunch to being trusted to do take home tests unsupervised. It's a big part of the society here.

Class of 2018

One of the greatest things about Commonwealth is that you have teachers who are really supportive. The teachers here are amazing.

Class of 2022

The appeal of Commonwealth for me was the fact that it's just so central. It opens a lot of doors, just being in the city, and the access that the school gives you, and the trust that the school gives you to take care of yourself and to follow your own direction was really amazing.

Class of 2020


Speaking from Experience

Listening to Commonwealth seniors recounting their years here, it's hard to believe they're still teenagers. But as students grow into themselves (and their oratory talents) while at Commonwealth, their insights flourish along with their personalities. Go back in time with some recent senior talks and graduation speeches, and see for yourself.



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