Co-ed independent day school in Boston's Back Bay for academically adventurous students in grades 9–12

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Commonwealth is as far away from [the stereotypical high school] as possible. Commonwealth is where intellectualism meets rugged individualism. But, there is also no other place that balances the goals of individualist self-reliance with the compassion of a loving heart. It’s that compassion that I will remember about my classmates, even more than their astonishing intelligence.

Class of 2023


My first impression of Commonwealth was that it did feel uncommon. All the marketing told me that it was different from the public high school I would have gone to, and then I got here and I was like, No, this is actually different; the people here really care.

Class of 2026

The classes have exposed me to the fact that each field and subfield of study is so vast, and I’m realizing how many different things I could study. The teachers here are all so passionate about their specialties that what we hear in class is beyond what we could ever learn from just reading a textbook, and those snippets are often the most interesting of all. Having an animated teacher truly makes learning the material much more exciting. 

Class of 2024

Commonwealth has encouraged me to think about what I want in life. I love learning, and this school has made that love even stronger. 

Class of 2023

If you enjoy academic challenges and are looking for a tight community, I think Commonwealth is definitely the school for you...I would not be intimidated by academic rigor; I would embrace it.

Class of 2025

My Commonwealth experience has allowed me to see the world from lots of different perspectives and meet people who both know exactly what they want to do and people who are still figuring it out, which is totally okay. Personally, I’m not really sure what I want to do in the future—whether I’m a “STEM person” or a “humanities person” or both. I think through being at Commonwealth, I’ve realized that it’s okay not to know and that you don’t need to box yourself into one category. 

Class of 2025

Commonwealth is definitely a good place for people who want to try new things and want to be challenged, especially in academics but also for arts and even athletics. I think it's a place where you can really be yourself. 

Class of 2026


Speaking from Experience

Listening to Commonwealth seniors recounting their years here, it's hard to believe they're still teenagers. But as students grow into themselves (and their oratory talents) while at Commonwealth, their insights flourish along with their personalities. Go back in time with some recent senior talks and graduation speeches, and see for yourself.



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