Co-ed independent day school in Boston's Back Bay for academically adventurous students in grades 9–12

Managing Other Costs

Commonwealth is dedicated to ensuring that every opportunity is available to every student. We recognize and appreciate that a Commonwealth education represents a significant financial commitment for families. In addition to tuition, fees, books, and school supplies, most students incur additional costs, which will vary depending on students’ needs and activities.

To allow for planning and transparency, please see below for the range of costs associated with our program and what families with financial aid grants might expect to pay.

Uniforms for Team Sports

All students participate in athletics in some capacity. Team sports require the purchase of uniforms. Depending on the sport, the cost per uniform ranges from $15–$125. Since all students are asked to take part in at least one team sport by the end of sophomore year (unless they pursue an independent sport), families should expect to pay for at least one uniform. Depending on their financial aid level, families pay between $15–$60 per uniform.

Standardized Tests and Preparation

During their Commonwealth career, on average, students take five Advanced Placement exams ($97 per test), three SAT Subject Tests ($26 for the first test and $22 for each additional test), and either the SAT or ACT twice ($55 and $66–$91 per test respectively). The cost of AP exams is reduced for students with financial aid grants, and some students may qualify for SAT or ACT fee waivers. Depending on their financial aid level, families pay between $0 and $73 per AP exam.

Commonwealth also offers in-house PSAT and SAT preparation. The full costs per student are $150 and $550, respectively. Depending on their financial aid level, families pay between $0 and $100 for PSAT prep and $0 and $275 for SAT prep.

Tutoring Support

In addition to the extra meetings that teachers may offer students, Commonwealth offers, and in some cases recommends, regular tutorial support. The school has in-house tutors for subject-specific support, and it has relationships with outside tutors who specialize in working with students with particular learning needs. In most cases tutoring sessions occur weekly, and the full cost ranges from $65–$150 per session, depending on the tutor. Depending on their financial aid level, families pay between $0 and $45 per session.


Tickets for junior-senior prom are $100 per person. Students with financial aid grants are not charged to attend prom.


During their time at Commonwealth, most students will participate in at least one international exchange or trip to Spain, France, China, Peru, or Italy. (Many students of Spanish go both to Spain after Spanish 2 and Peru after Spanish 3 or 4.) Historically, the full cost of each trip ranges from $3,000–$5,500. A small number of students each year will travel to the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference. The full cost of this trip has been around $1,900. The school offers grants for exchanges and travel to ensure that any student who wants to participate can do so. Depending on their financial aid level, families may pay between $0 and $3,000.