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What makes Commonwealth so uncommon?

Our community says it best...

"When I first came to Commonwealth, I was completely amazed and shocked by how much you learn, just the depth. All the teachers and all the students really cared about your learning. It's still my favorite part of Commonwealth." Charlee '23

“All of the teachers love what they're doing. It's kind of contagious. The students also become engaged and interested. Class is so much better that way.” Sol '21

“The appeal of Commonwealth for me was the fact that it's just so central. It opens a lot of doors, just being in the city, and the access that the school gives you, and the trust that the school gives you to take care of yourself and to follow your own direction was really amazing.” Alec '20

"I'm forever grateful for the rigor of Commonwealth's academic curriculum, for the passion my teachers taught with, and for the school's excellent leadership that allowed us to foster and explore our interests." Amanda ’15