International Applicants

At Commonwealth, we welcome students from all backgrounds, and we value the diversity of perspectives our students bring to academic and community life. We are pleased to consider international applicants. Before applying, please see the section below for more information on our admissions process and policies. If questions remain, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Commonwealth accept international students?

Yes. International candidates go through the same admission and evaluation process as domestic students. Admissible international students demonstrate advanced skills in English comparable to their domestic peers.

Can Commonwealth issue I-20 visas?

Commonwealth is certified by SEVIS to issue I-20 visas when needed.

Does Commonwealth help international students find housing?

No. Commonwealth is not a boarding school nor do we facilitate homestays. Students who apply to Commonwealth should either live in the Boston area with their families or plan to move here with at least one parent.

Which entrance examinations should international students take?

All applicants must take either the SSAT or the ISEE. Unless they attend a school in which English is the primary language of instruction, international students should also plan to take the TOEFL.

What is the application deadline for international students?

December 15. This earlier deadline allows us to better facilitate interview and day visit scheduling.

Can international applicants interview over Skype instead of visiting campus?

We strongly prefer that all students schedule in-person interviews. We ask all applicants to spend a full day visiting classes. During these day visits, students complete two writing samples that become part of their applications. These writing samples cannot be completed remotely. Most applicants will arrange to come to Commonwealth twice: once for the tour and interview and a second time for the day visit. Since we understand that coordinating visits can be challenging for international applicants, with advanced notice, we will do our best to schedule the tour, interview, and visit on the same day. Please note that we require international applicants to submit an application form before scheduling an interview and SSAT and/or TOEFL scores before scheduling a day visit.

Does Commonwealth’s admission office work with agents or educational consultants?

We are happy to communicate with a consultant on an applicant’s behalf. While consultants can provide logistical assistance, we expect all applicants to complete their own application forms. Commonwealth does not liaise with agents seeking compensation for applicant referrals.

Does Commonwealth accept midyear transfers or one-semester students?

Commonwealth rarely considers midyear transfers and we do not accept one-semester exchange students. Our academic program is yearlong and courses run from September through May. Since we are a small school, we have limited capacity to enroll additional students once the academic year has started.

Will Commonwealth consider international applicants to eleventh or twelfth grade?

Admission to eleventh or twelfth grade is very rare, especially for a student for whom English is not a first language. If you are interested in applying for eleventh or twelfth grade, please call or email the admission office first so we can advise you.