Intellectual Passion

Commonwealth students’ curiosity is limitless. From Modernist poetry to number theory, our students stretch their minds, test out ideas, and work hard to build on them. Whether in French, physics, or ceramics, our classes nurture exploration and creativity driven by student and faculty passion and expertise.

Our intellectual approach begins with learning how to analyze language and the ideas it conveys in minute detail. It may seem paradoxical, but this pinpoint focus opens the way to understanding the themes of a novel or the sweep of history. In math and the sciences, this approach means students will understand, not just memorize, formulas, systems, and theories.

The arts make new connections between the intellectual and the physical through music, theatrical performance, and a wide range of studio arts. In each, students find new ways to invent and express themselves.

Students have the opportunity to explore new or developed interests during Project Weeks. They might shadow a team of neurologists at MGH, participate in radio production meetings at WBUR, assist with programming for the MBTA, solicit exhibitors for Boston GreenFest, or pursue an intensive project in the arts.