Our Community

We take things personally. In our small yet richly varied community, generosity and respect guide how we treat each other. We enjoy being together; students cluster in lobbies, nooks, and corners all over the building to talk before school and between classes. During daily “recess,” the entire school gathers for a mid-morning snack, announcements, and even an occasional skit. We carve out time to connect as we celebrate recent performances, sports victories, and birthdays.

In September and May, faculty, staff, and even their families and dogs accompany students on weekend trips to Maine, known as “Hancock.” Together we prepare our own meals, lead activities like woodworking or bird watching, and share our comedic, vocal, and instrumental talents. Most of all, we spend time together outside school, building new friendships and bonding as a community.

Whether in the woods of Maine or on the streets of the Back Bay, students feel safe to be themselves, lending their warmth and humor to discussions, debates, and activities.