Merrill Series

The Merrill Series, an annual event sponsored by the Commonwealth School Alumni/ae Association (CWSAA), highlights the diverse talents and interests of alumni/ae in order to build connections among former Commonwealth students, the school, and its community.

The series began in 2006 with voice and piano performances. A panel discussion on media and politics followed in 2007. The Association formally named these spirited assemblies in 2008 as a fitting way to honor the educational philosophy of Charles Merrill.

Each year, the CWSAA decides on a theme or topic, and invites one or more alumni/ae to present, discuss, or perform, first during an assembly and then to the alumni/ae community with an evening dinner event. Depending on the year, the Merrill Series event could take the form of a panel discussion, a film screening or series, a performance, a master class, or a lecture.