2009: Film Festival

November 7–8, 2009

Featured Events on November 7

5:00-5:30 p.m.
Meet the filmmaker cocktail party

5:30-6:15 p.m.
Filmmaker Panel featuring Jesse Peretz '86, Stefan Forbes '84, Deborah Fryer '81, Mikaela Beardsley '87, and Eric Stange '71, moderated by David Kravitz '82


Mikaela Beardsley '87, REPORTER

Kasi Lemmons '77, Eve's Bayou

Ted Braun (FF), Darfur Now

Eric Meza '71, The Smart Guy

Evren Celimli '89, Beyond Belief

Robb Moss P'06, Secrecy

Katherine Clark '76, Outside In

Federico Muchnik P'11, Adam Cvijanovic's Colossal Spectacle

Roy DeBerry '66, The Arc of History

Emily Murphy '10

Sarah Feinbloom '83, Daughters and Sons: Preventing Child Trafficking in the Golden Triangle

Myra Paci '83, Searching for Paradise

Stephen Ferry '78, Vision Indigena

Jesse Peretz '86, The Chateau

Deborah Fryer '81, SHAKEN

Tamar Salibian '94, Beautiful Armenians

Stefan Forbes '84, Boogie Man

Hanna Rose Shell '95, Three Shorts

Peter Hall '10

Sarah Sofia '10

Jenny Kane '78, Tugboat

Amir Soltani '84, Redemption

Jamie Kravitz '84, Into the Streets

Eric Stange '71, Murder at Harvard

Richard Landes '67, Pallywood

Melissa Lohman Wild '88, Rooftop Bees

Brian LeBlanc '94, The Last Alchemist

Leora Winston '10