From sun-drenched art studios to the sounds of chorus, orchestra, jazz band, or just an impromptu jam session filling our halls, art surrounds at Commonwealth School and is central to the academic and extracurricular experience.
We encourage students to try something new—the value is in the expression. For some, the pursuit becomes more serious, and our studios and performance venues become spaces to explore and develop a craft. The results, as seen in our concerts, theater productions, and annual art show, always inspire.  


We have the best arts teachers. They're so knowledgeable and incredibly funny. They're willing to teach you everything they know and help you learn things they don't know. It's a continuous learning process for everyone in all of our studios, and that's absolutely phenomenal.

Close-up of Commonwealth School student Jo, who has a buzzed haircut, glasses, and is wearing a mask. Their brows are quirked upward in a happy expression.


Class of 2023



Beyond our walls, the Boston area offers an extraordinary wealth of museums and galleries, theaters, concert halls, and other music venues. As a Commonwealth student, you’ll be perfectly placed to take full advantage of remarkable opportunities—on class trips, with friends, or by yourself. During Project Week and summer break, our artists find rewarding internships with local painters, photographers, and musicians in local museums, galleries, and studios, or teaching art in grade schools and community centers.
You will take at least one arts course every semester: it’s a graduation requirement. Yet, many students—about 40%—exceed that requirement each year, eager to explore multiple mediums at the same time.


Watch and Learn

We enjoy sharing our art with each other and our community. Each spring, our visual artists choose favorite pieces to exhibit in the annual school art show, while performers present a series of concerts, recitals, and plays throughout the year.

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