Commonwealth's sports program aims to offer the excitement of competition to those who want it and the fun of exerting oneself to all.

All students, from grades 9 through 12, are eligible for all activities, varsity or recreational. Teams practice at nearby fields and facilities, to which our students walk, run, or ride when classes are over. Students must participate in the fall and winter seasons, three days a week after school. Whether the reward is a trophy or a lifelong habit of exercise, we see sports as an important route to self-knowledge and pride.



Varsity Sports


Recreational Sports

Independent Sports

Students with serious commitments to activities outside of school—such as nationally ranked figure skaters, competitive wrestlers, and ballet dancers—may be eligible to fulfill their athletics requirement through an independent sports credit.


Sports at Commonwealth have given me a chance to enjoy a physical activity after a long day, particularly playing basketball with my lovely teammates.



Class of 2022