Virtual Commonwealth

Virtual Commonwealth is the online extension of our home at 151 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. 
We have continued to offer the breadth of courses and experiences that make a Commonwealth education distinctive, including daily “recess,” science labs and art classes, after-school sports and activities, and more. You can learn about our virtual classes, events, and other community resources below. 



These past few weeks have proven how the Commonwealth community is shaped not by its physical location but by the teachers who cultivate and support the intellectual development of the students. It is such a gift to experience education like this, and we are greatly appreciative of all the effort and dedication that teachers and staff exhibit every day.” Sharon Yamamoto P'22

Sample Virtual Classes

Latin 4

In this college-level course, we begin by reading selections from Vergil’s Aeneid, relishing the heartbreaking beauty of Rome’s national epic. After that, we delve into other genres of the Roman poetic tradition, exploring writers such as Horace, Propertius, and Catullus, and examine the dialogue between the works of these lyric poets with Vergil’s epic vision. 

Chemistry 1

In this course we explore fundamental concepts to develop a picture of the chemical world around us. It sets the stage for higher-level chemistry coursework, where we begin to see both quantitatively and qualitatively the dynamic chemical equilibria at play in all biological and chemical systems, and lab work becomes integral to learning.



Thank you to our entire community for helping us carry on in the face of uncertainty, ensuring the vibrancy of our community and the continuing wellness and education of our students.