Community Giving Report 2019-2020

Commonwealth aims to be a school of uncommon opportunity, educating young people from diverse backgrounds to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative adults, capable of careful analysis, fruitful cooperation, responsible leadership, and deep commitment. Through its steadfast support, particularly during this time of unprecedented challenge, our dedicated and generous community continues to ensure we can fulfill this mission and provide such opportunities to our students, now and in the future. 

The Student Experience

Senior Speech: Aunnesha Bhowmick '20

Now among our newest alumnae, Aunnesha Bhowmick reflected on de-stressing in the ceramics classroom, post-show dinners in the city, and the lessons (and even joy) in failing in her senior speech, delivered in the spring of 2020.

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"Let's Do This": Commonwealth Students Give Back in Times of Crisis

From the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, Commonwealth School students took action. Fundraising, sewing masks, collecting donations: if there was a way to help, students jumped at the chance. Here are just a few of their stories...

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Virtual Commonwealth: Inside Our New Educational Adventure

The crackling conversation in an English class. A chorus of birthday wishes at recess. A brilliant speaker regaling an attentive crowd at assembly. It all felt so normal. And it all happened within Virtual Commonwealth, behind 184 screens in 184 different places.

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Financial Highlights

We are grateful for the generous support from our community. Revenue from tuition, The Commonwealth Fund, and our endowment make the Commonwealth experience possible. See the information below for greater detail of our 2019-2020 revenue sources and expenses.





* In Fiscal Year 2020 Commonwealth drew $130,000 from its reserves to cover a temporary deficit.

By the Numbers

Thank you to our alumni/ae, parents, and friends who contributed a total of $1,095,436 to the 20192020 Commonwealth Fund.

Commonwealth Fund Five-Year Growth


Giving Pyramid for Commonwealth Fund FY20


Gifts by Constituency


** Current & Former Faculty/Staff, Grandparents, Students, Friends, Foundations, Matching Gifts

Donor Recognition

We are deeply grateful for our community’s generous support in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The Power of a Vision: a Campaign for Commonwealth

The Power of a Vision: a Campaign for Commonwealth is an investment in the future. By providing endowed support for financial aid and faculty compensation, and by securing our Boston home through support for much-needed renovations, this campaign will ensure Mr. Merrill's vision for the school carries forward for years to come. We greatly appreciate the alumni/ae, parents, and friends who made gifts to the Campaign in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Praveen and Rekha Abichandani
Seabron Adamson and Alison Spray*
David Altshuler '82 and Jill Altshuler*
José Alvarez and Suzanne McGilvray*
Meg Ansara
Elizabeth Bailey '68 and Paul Kennedy*
Christopher and Rebecca Barsi*
Susan Benua*
Catherine Brewster and Marc-Andre Giasson
Acheson Callaghan*
Mary P. Chatfield*
Mary Beth Cunnane and Matthew Gardiner*
Catherine Doucette*
John and Elizabeth Dowd
Frederick and Robin Ewald
Samuel Falkoff '91
Ludovica Ferme '06*
Mark Finch '71 and Rhodora Finch*

Charles and Anne Fried*
Christopher Gabrieli and Hilary Bacon Gabrieli
Alina Grabowski '12
David Gray
Gregg Handorff '77 and Lisa Handorff*
Robert Hansel and Lisa Robinson*
Hellen Ingram Plummer Charitable Foundation*
Therese Hendricks and M. Lawrence Oliverio*
Gowrishankar Holalkere and Gowri Zoolagud
Alison Hoppin Murchison '79 and Robert Murchison*
Matthew and Rachel Kodama
Max Kohlenberg '73 and Rebecca Minard*
Nathan Kohlenberg '07
Nat Kuhn
Rebecca Lis '05
Janina Longtine*
Marie Lossky and Paul Elias*
Cornelia McMurtrie
Amy Merrill '64*
Paul Merrill '72 and Gail Caroll

Jon and Robin Orwant
Mary Paci*
Laura Pedrosa '10*
Michael Pucker '79 and Gigi Pritzker*
Tahmid Rahman '13
Judith Sanford-Harris '70 and Joseph Harris*
Jeffrey Schwartz '96 and Stephanie Schwartz*
Alexandra Schweitzer '70 and Glenn Lucas*
Jonathan Sheffi '99*
Yosef and Anat Sheffi
Bryan Simmons and Ralph Vetters
Christopher Smart and Shari Loessberg
Cathryn Stein and David Seldin*
William and Danaë Wharton*
Serge and Natalie Zarembsky
8 anonymous donors

* Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Alumni/ae Donors

Class of 1961
Ruth Vose and Arthur Feinstein*

Class of 1962
James Barron*
Joseph Ravich*
Eleanor Rogers and Peter Johnson*
John and Gloria Runyon

Class of 1963
Athena and Arthur Papas
Joel Shapiro and Elizabeth Lane Shapiro
Daniel Taylor
H. Sheffield Van Buren
Virginia Vose

Class of 1964
Michael Ansara and Barbara Arnold
Timothy Dickinson and Meher Shaik
David Freidel and Carolyn Sargent
Barbara Goldman and David Fine
Richard Hall and Kathleen Edwards*
Ingrid Hillinger
Amy Merrill*
Marie Simonds*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 1965
Edward and Amy Abelson
Karen Hazel
Myla Kabat-Zinn
Douglas Kant and Joy Sulka Kant*
Helen Loeser and David Teitel*
Cynthia Read*
Geoffrey and Cornelia Taylor
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1966
Alison Baxter and William Stolzfus*
Katherine Butler and Brian Donohue
Sarah Creighton*
Roy DeBerry*
Luella English*
Jonathan Hiatt and Barbara Shepp
Kari and Ralph Shaner*
Joseph Spivack and Lynn Appelbaum*
George and Mary Ann Zoulalian*

Class of 1967
Daniel Alexander and Sandra Nowoslawski*
Laverne Berry
David Carter
Aleida Inglis
Richard Landes
Beth Lyons
Mark and Barbara Sullivan*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1968
Elizabeth Bailey and Paul Kennedy*
Robert and Ruth Goldston*
Leslie Tuttle and Larry Susskind*
3 anonymous donors

Class of 1969
Margaret Beal
Susan Bennett and John Eidleman*
Phyllis and James Rector*
Pauline Spiegel and Peter Grossman*

Class of 1970
Ellen Elias-Bursac*
Donald Freeman and Kathleen Graves*
Margaret Homans*
Jennifer Ladd
Mark Raiffa and Ruth Bandler*
Judith Sanford-Harris and Joseph Harris*
Alexandra Schweitzer and Glenn Lucas*

Class of 1971
Mark and Rhodora Finch*
Michael Jacobson and Trine Sorensen*
Barbara Post
Jeffrey Siegel and Dianne McCutcheon*
Eric Stange and Barbara Costa
Robin Zeitz and Everett Morton

Class of 1972
William Barclay
Elaine Gibson*
Jan Hofmann*
Jabez McClelland and Catherine Chow*
Paul Merrill and Gail Caroll
Klare Shaw and Leo Moss
Clara and Nachman Simon

Class of 1973
Susan Boruchoff*
Max Kohlenberg and Rebecca Minard*
Nicholas Nyhart and Kathleen McTigue
W. Allen Reiser*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 1974
Thomas Bledsoe
Christopher Boutourline and Beth Fischberg*
Tom Loeser and Bird Ross*
Magen Solomon
Nicholas and Marianne Tawa*
Liane Zeitz*

Class of 1975
Wendy Gordon and Lawrence Rowe*
Rebecca and Marshall Moore*
Lauren and Carl Walter
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1976
Sarah Brownsberger and Hafthor Yngvason*
Jonathan Fox*
Jean Kluver and Larry Rosenstock
Jessica Lacy*
Tasmin Pesso and Laurence Chu*
Holliday and Rick Rayfield*

Class of 1977
Gregg and Lisa Handorff*
Christopher Paci and Sally Rocker*
Alison and Sheldon Randall*
Benjamin Rosenberg*
Jonathan Rubin and Sherilyn Scully
Jennifer White

Class of 1978
Cyril Burke
Leslie Cooperband and Wesley Jarrell
David and Amy Hershey-Webb
Nina Pillard and David Cole

Class of 1979
Alex Clapp
Alison Hoppin Murchison and Robert Murchison*
Michael Pucker and Gigi Pritzker*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1980
James Glazier
Jonathan Rotenberg*

Class of 1981
John Cabot*
Alice Gleason and Steve Lane*
Elizabeth and Jeff McKenna*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 1982
David and Jill Altshuler*
Stephen and E. Libby Hanna*
David Kravitz and Majie Zeller*
Robert Neer
Todd Senturia*
Anne and Michael Spalter
Frank Steinfield*

Class of 1983
Cristina Coletta Blau and Peter Blau*
Kim and Harold Dickerson
Douglas Hsiao and Mary Park*
Gabriella Newes-Adeyi and Soji Adeyi
Myra Paci*
Christopher Wellins and Andrea Siewers*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1984
Caroline Apffel and Jean-Jacques Tourre
Ethan and Larisa Forman*
James Kravitz*
Lauren Moo*
Rebecca Steinfield*
David Stone*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 1985
Juliet Bromer*
Jessica Case*
Joshua Hauser and Juliet Bromer*
Mark Towfiq and Shahani Purushotma Towfiq

Class of 1986
Jonah Green*
Ivan Kreilkamp and Sarah Pearce*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1987
Francesca Bignami
Nicholas Campbell
Melissa Glenn Haber*
Karen Guillemin*
Ezra Haber Glenn*
Margaret Urban*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1988
Atissa Banuazizi*
David Lorsch and Donna Dreyer Lorsch*
Anthony Star
Maria Steinmann*

Class of 1989
Mira Bernstein and Josh Tenenbaum
Jared Wunsch*

Class of 1990
Jesse Clark and David Tarazona*
Matthias Ferber*
Deborah Rudnick and Robert Ast*
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1991
Samuel Falkoff
1 anonymous donor

Class of 1992
Karen Benezra*
Scott Benezra*
Sasha Eskelund*
Jessica Maier*
Anne Swan*

Class of 1993
Rebecca Rogers and Marc Tanner*
Eric Sommerfeld*
Johanna and Caleb Wright*

Class of 1994
Sonya Del Tredici*
Benjamin Kennedy*
Caroline Marotta*

Class of 1995
Sara Bursac
Ishah Janssen-Faith*
Jessica Katz*
James Thomson*

Class of 1996
Koby Feingold
Philip Hodge
John and Mariana Howard*
Jeffrey and Stephanie Schwartz*

Class of 1997
Megan Buhr
Aaron Dinkin

Class of 1998
Shervin Riahi
Geoffrey Stanbury*
Eric Whitner
2 anonymous donors

Class of 1999
Brett and Emily Hemenway Falk
Jesse Karlsberg and Lauren Bock
Jonathan Sheffi*

Class of 2000
Rebecca Ennen and Ari Weisbard
Justine Strayhorn

Class of 2001
Emily Clark*
Alisha and Matt Elliott*
Peter and Elizabeth Gelzinis*
Michael Ide
Masha Kirasirova
Adam Weingarten
Tatyana Yanishevsky*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 2002
Paul Brunick
Christopher Doucette
Michael Marotta
1 anonymous donor

Class of 2003
Matthew Blinder
Irene Chernova*
Loren Crary
Amanda Hadad*
Emily Miles*
David Pfau
Rachel Philbrick
Gabriel and Michelle Scheinmann

Class of 2004
Zachary Biegun*
Gabriel Billings*
Lucien Bronder-Giroux
Rhett and Kat duPont Vecchio
Matthew Kraning*
Joshua Krieger*
Daniel Meyer
Cori Palmer*
Maxwell Palmer*
Janique Parrott-Gaffney
Isaac Slavitt*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 2005
Kate Alper
Benjamin Copans
Reilly Grant
Rebecca Lis
John Oliverio*

Class of 2006
Eric Brotman*
Katherine and Michael Bruno*
Ludovica Ferme*
Irene Kaplow and David Held*
Rhea Loomis
Evan McGonagill
Avery Morrow and Astia Rizki Safitri
Anna Moss*
Mariya Shpolberg*

Class of 2007
Jacob Greenberg
Nathan Kohlenberg
Julia Tuttle*

Class of 2008
Samuel Davis
Max Ehrman
Gabriel Frieden
Nicholas Pittman*

Class of 2009
Max Morris
Katharine Potter
Ian Tenney
1 anonymous donor

Class of 2010
Madelaine Abel
Mario Alvarez
Laura Pedrosa*
Camille Simoneau*
2 anonymous donors

Class of 2011
Marielle Boudreau*
Aurelie Theramene*

Class of 2012
Alina Grabowski
Julia Kelly
Emily Kremer-McNeil*

Class of 2013
Sophia Bucci
Thomas Lucic
Tahmid Rahman
Curtis Stone

Class of 2014
Gabrielle Farrah

Class of 2015
Daniel Albert-Rozenberg*
Lee Friedman

Class of 2016
Gueinah Blaise
Anna Holderness*

Class of 2017
Katherine Mateos
Maya Venkatraman

Class of 2018
Johnny Saldana

Class of 2019
Henry Bassett
2 anonymous donors

With special thanks to our current students (and future alumni/ae) who made donations to The Commonwealth Fund in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

William Du ‘23
Victor Na ‘23

*Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Current Parents

Praveen and Rekha Abichandani
Praveen and Usha Akkipeddi
Joe Bates and Kristin Loeffler
Howard Berkenblit and Christina Schaper
Mira Bernstein '89 and Josh Tenenbaum
David Carter and Andrea Longo Carter
Joe Chaplin and Amy Wang
Tony and Melissa Choi
Mary Beth Cunnane and Matthew Gardiner*
Matthew Der Manuelian and Anahit Atayan
Margaret Donigan
John and Elizabeth Dowd
Christopher Doyle and Sarah Axel
Charlie Du and Li Xu
Frederick and Robin Ewald
Aaron and Caroline Falk
Peter Frumkin and Sharon Grimberg
Jon Fullerton and Louisa Lund
Christopher Gabrieli and Hilary Bacon Gabrieli
Ashish and Ambika Garg
Igor Gomberg and Ekaterina Brezgunova
David Gray
Horacio Gutiérrez and Susanna Lara Roth
Charles Haggerty and Kattie Chen
Fangli He and Meijun Xu
Gowrishankar Holalkere and Gowri Zoolagud

Farouc Jaffer and Katherine Economy
Gregory Jenkins and Elizabeth Aureden
Matthew and Rachel Kodama
Stuart and Susan Krusell
Lawrence and Paula Labell
Myung Lee and Sook Hee Kwon
Wei Li and Xu Lai
Yulong Li and Minjia Zhang
Xinghui Liang and Xiaona Luo
Chuankui Luo and Hongxia Kou
Christopher Maffucci and Selena Fitanides
Seth Mangum and Allison Baker
Angelo Manioudakis and Melani Cammett
Timothy and Lisa Manning
Kyriacos Markianos and Uta Poiger
Matthew Martin and Laura Johnston
Parag Mathur and Jackie Bode Mathur
Sam and Alicia Mawn-Mahlau
Michael and Helen McAuley
William McKee and Margaret Reynolds
Mark and Carol Melcher
David Milan and Laura Mauri
Jishen Na and Song Liu
Michael O'Donnell and Katharyn Hok
David O'Rourke and Anne Murphy
Ken Olum, Judy Anderson, and Valerie White

Jon and Robin Orwant
Philip Parsons and Jennifer Neuwalder
Koen Pauwels and Zeynep Aksehirli
William and Sarah Perkins
Charles and Wendy Pierce
Roman and Diana Popko
Suresh Ramakoti and Xiaoling Xie
Kerby Roberson and Gabrielle Bercy
Ian Roke and Bernadette Thie
Paul Seidel and Julee Kim
Charles and Sabrina Selk
Christopher Smart and Shari Loessberg
Peter Stahl and Tara McCarthy
Armen Stepanyants
Charles and Megan Teague
Aruna Thyagarajan
Jennifer Tjia and Jane Givens
Bao Tran and Binh Bui
Yong Wang and Yuan Li
Zhonghua Wang and Shujun Li
Jeffrey and Jennifer Williams
Chaohui Wu and Mei Li
Hualiang Xiong and Yiqiang Qiu
Sharon Yamamoto
Wei Ye and Christine Sun
Ji Zou
24 anonymous donors

*Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Alumni/ae Parent Donors

Seabron Adamson and Alison Spray*
Gerald and Corinne Adler
Praveen and Usha Akkipeddi
José Alvarez and Suzanne McGilvray*
Frederick Ausubel and Stephanie Bird*
Brian Bassett and Sarah Wasserman*
Janet Baum
Fredric Bayles and Paula Gilman*
John and Shelley Benjamin
Susan Benua
Bethany Block
Richard and Mary Kate Bluestein*
Ian Boardman and Deborah Freed*
James and Roberta Boudreau*
Philip and Pamela Bronder-Giroux*
Jessica Brown*
Peter and Nancy Brown*
Sarah Brownsberger '76 and Hafthor Yngvason
Bojan Bugaric and Alenka Kuhelj
Esther Bullitt*
Philip and Nancy Burstein
Virginia Byron and Mitch Benoff*
Ken Calhoun and Anya Belkina
Acheson Callaghan*
Robert Campbell
Leonard and Jane Carrel*
Kenneth Carson and Sally Foster
Mary P. Chatfield*
Duan Chen and Li Fan
Tatyana Chernova
H Theodore and Cynthia Cohen*
Peter Corbett and Tobie Atlas*
John and Kathleen Corcoran*
Pierce Cray and Catherine Sheils*
Richard Curl and Susannah Clark*
Christopher Curtis and Cynthia Mittelmeier*
Mark and Debbie Curtiss
Eric Davis and Judith Siporin*
Robert and Cheryl Dewees*
Susan Diller
Richard and Susan Dinkin*
Catherine Doucette
Jesse and Jennifer Dowd*
Max and Natalie Eringros*
Robert Eskin and Joan Shea*
Phyllis Evan*
Michael Falkoff
David Ferry*
Marie Francoeur
John Friar and Eva Guinan
Charles and Anne Fried*
Thomas and Elizabeth Fries*
Christopher George and Ellen Huberman*
Melissa Glenn Haber '87 and Ezra Haber Glenn '87*
William and Helen Gore*
Neil and Monice Grabowski*
Peggi Gregory

Kenneth Gruenberg and Joyce Mendel
Adeline Guerrier
Victor and Margaret Guillemin*
D. Andrew Hall and Natalie Olsen*
Michelle Hankins
Stephen Hanna '82 and E. Libby Hanna*
Robert Hansel and Lisa Robinson*
Therese Hendricks and M. Lawrence Oliverio*
Sean Heneghan and Wendy Matusovich
John and Olivann Hobbie
David Hodgkins and Shiela Kibbe Hodgkins*
Ross Hoffman and Dorothy Crawford*
Nguyen Hoi-Chan
Alison Hoppin Murchison '79 and Robert Murchison*
Frederic Hoppin*
Michael and Patricia Horn*
Thomas Kane and Karen Gray*
Boris and Natalya Katz*
Barney and Barbara Keezell*
Stephen Kennedy*
Vladimir Kirasirov and Tatyana Berketova
Susan and Roland Kluver
Max Kohlenberg '73 and Rebecca Minard*
Neil Kominsky and Deborah Frank*
Richard and Katharine Kosinski*
Lawrence Kotin
L. Alan Kraning and Catherine Huddleson*
Nat Kuhn
Peter Lang
Meryl LeBoff*
Robert and Sarah LeVine*
David Locke and Cathleen Read
Janina Longtine*
Jay and Patricia Lorsch*
Marie Lossky and Paul Elias
Donald and Susan MacDonald
Charles Maier*
Sarah Marter
Arthur and Grace Mateos*
Joseph McCabe and Susan Anderson*
Drew McCoy and Betsy Friedberg
James and Carolyn McGarry*
Cornelia McMurtrie
Franklin Mead and Penelope Bragonier*
Robert and Anne Meyer*
Rosalind Michahelles
Jonathan and Ellen Miller*
Jean and Kyra Montagu
John Murphy and Wendy Wyatt*
Virginia Newes
Jacob Nikom and Alla Epsteyn
Gwen O'Sullivan-Romagnoli*
Mary Paci*
Bernard and Lynda Packer
Patricia Pepper*
Stephen Pepper
Larry Philbrick and Marion Severynse*

Mark Piscitelli and Cynthia Harvey*
David Pokross and Laurie Gill*
Bernard and Suzanne Pucker
David and Jessica Reed*
David Reibel and Karen Donovan
Scott and Kelly Requadt
David and Ellen Rich
Christopher Ricks and Judith Aronson
Joshua Rifkin and Helen Palmer*
Dennis and Anne Rogers
Robin Ronchi*
Bradley Rose and Linda Weinreb
Michael and Karen Rotenberg*
Eric Rubin and Akiyo Fujii*
Thomas and Laura Sander*
Joshua Sanes and Susan Corcoran
Russell Sanna and Mary Hennings*
Michel and Brigitte Scheinmann*
Robert Scott and Janet Limke*
Patricia Sharaf*
Yosef and Anat Sheffi
Donald Shepard and Emily Maitin*
Timothy and Kathleen Short*
Malcolm Slavin and E. Joyce Klein*
Keith Smith and Jackie Horne
Anthony and Linda Spinazzola
Cathryn Stein and David Seldin*
Alex Steinbergh and Rebecca Bedell*
Nancy Steinmann*
Armen Stepanyants
John Strayhorn and Diana Ronell
Charles Sullivan and Susan Maycock*
Stephen and Alicia Symchych
James Taff and Anne Eisner*
Arthur Telegen and Abigail Ostow*
Ken Thomsen and Lin Chen*
Peter and Elizabeth Thomson*
Barry Tils and Ellen Marqusee
Thomas and Eileen Torpey*
John and Colleen Van Maanen
Mark Vanger and Eileen Span*
Michael and Erica Voolich*
Rosanna Warren*
Eric and Andria Weil*
Robert Weinberg and Amy Shulman Weinberg*
William and Danaë Wharton*
Jean White
Susan Witkie*
Patricia Wright
Erik Yesson and Karen Kalina*
Raymond Young
Serge and Natalie Zarembsky
Richard and Sally Zeckhauser*
18 anonymous donors

* Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Current Faculty and Staff

Christopher Barsi*
Catherine Brewster
Morgan Chalue
Brittany Costin
Mara Dale*
Joshua Eagle
Alisha Elliott '01*
Sasha Eskelund '92*

Melissa Glenn Haber '87*
Carrie Healy*
David Hodgkins *
Rebecca Jackman*
Melody Komyerov
Natasha Matthews
Anna Moss*

Theodore Paul*
Carly Renshaw*
Robert Sherry*
Rikita Tyson
William Wharton*
3 anonymous donors

*Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Grandparents, Friends, Former Faculty/Staff, Foundations, Matching Gifts

Acworth Foundation*
Alchemy Foundation
Amazon Smile*
Meg Ansara
Arcus Foundation
Mary Jane Bernier
Terry Bernstein
Bright Funds
Cele H and William B Rubin Family Fund
Mary P. Chatfield*
Chevron Employee Funds
Martin and Elizabeth Cohen
Cold Brook Fund
Christina Cowan
Dell Giving
Frederick and Sara Ewald
Fidelity Foundation
Charles and Anne Fried*
Jon and Margaret Fullerton
Google Gifts Program*
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Jaquelin Harris*
Tom Harsanyi
Murray Helfant*
Hellen Ingram Plummer Charitable Foundation*
Frederic Hoppin*
Income Research and Management
Camille Johnson
Robert and Nancy Johnston
Chris Joo
Charles Kalina*
Judith Keenan*
Lisette S. Venier Charitable Foundation
Longtine Charitable Foundation Trust
LP Charitable Trust
Donald and Susan MacDonald
McGraw-Hill Education
Rick and Barbara Melvoin*
Merck Foundation
Merrill Family Charitable Foundation
MFS Investment Management
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Lauren Moo*
Nepheli Foundation
New Horizon Foundation: The Paci Fund
Novartis Foundation

Susan O'Donnell
Oracle Matching Program
Stefano Paci
Herbert Parsons*
Pfizer Matching Gifts
Michael Putnam and Kenneth Gaulin*
W. and Kimberly Putnam
Bernat and Jan Rosner
Patricia Sharaf*
Shippy Foundation
Magen Solomon
Anne Symchych*
Jay and Arlene Tenenbaum*
The Boston Foundation*
The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Verisk Analytics
Vivan and Paul Olum Foundation
Edith Walker
Robert and Susan Wasserman
Wellington Management Company
William & Karen Tell Foundation
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
8 anonymous donors

* Indicates 1958 Society Members, 5+ years of consecutive giving

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

We are grateful to members of our community who chose to honor a loved one with a gift to Commonwealth School. Thank you for making a donation in honor or memory of the following individuals.

Laurie Adams
Charles Seymour Alden
Christopher Barsi
Henry Bassett '19
Catherine Brewster
Audrey Budding
Michelle McCleary Cannon
Mary P. Chatfield
Ellen Cole
Tom Cole
Caleb Colpitts
Commonwealth Class of 2005
Commonwealth Class of 2020
Commonwealth Faculty
Donald Conolly
Jonathan Curtis '18
Eric Davis
Izziy Dowd '20

Josh Eagle
Alisha Elliott '01 
Sasha Eskelund '92
Rebecca Folkman†
Marie-Cecile Francis
Barbara Grant
Melissa Glenn Haber '87
Carrie Healy
John Hughes† 
Susan Husserl-Kapit
Judith Keenan
Aaron Kerner
Sonia and David Landes† 
Alan Letarte
Sophia Meas
Dane Morgan† 
Anna Moss '06
Theo Paul
Benjamin Pokross '09

Emma Porter '17
Caroline Post† 
Farhad Riahi† 
Joanna Rifkin '05
Lynne Sadler
Rui Shu
Matthew Singer
Judith Siporin
Emma Sundberg
Kathy Tarnoff
Rikita Tyson
Samantha Nieto Vargas
Bob Vollrath
Bill Wharton
Mark White
Johanna Wright '93

† deceased