Choosing a Private High School: Advice for Students, from Students

You weathered the months-long private-school admissions process: the interviews, the essays, the visit days and open houses, all culminating in submitting those carefully crafted applications—and the emotional rollercoaster of hearing back from schools. Now, it’s time to decide. Where will you spend the next four years? The Commonwealth students below offer their advice for making the best private school decision for you...

“When you know, you know. You do have to trust your gut, and that's a hard thing to do. But when it comes down to it, you've got to be yourself and know yourself. You'll find the right school for you, no matter where the chips fall.” —Elias ’23

"Choose what's right for you. Commonwealth might be the best choice for some people out there, and maybe not for some other people. You have to really look into what you can bring to a school and how you can benefit from a school and from the community. I can tell you that Commonwealth is a very tight community where you can thrive. You're going to know everyone in the school, and the teachers here care about you as much as your parents do! If you like a very close community where you can grow for four years without feeling left out, then Commonwealth is definitely the best choice for you.” —Bonnie ’25

“Try getting to know the school as best as you can, taking advantage of talking to students and teachers on your visit day. That way you will know if it is the right place for you—and if you have something you are really passionate about and enjoy learning, then it probably is! I’ve been to a few schools before this one, but Commonwealth is very special.” —Ava ’23

“Try not to worry too much. And I feel like I'm an admissions officer right now, but remember, it's all about the fit of the school. And if Commonwealth seems like the fit for you—if you enjoy academic challenges and are looking for a tight community—I think Commonwealth is definitely the school for you.” —Sarah ’25

“It's really all about fit. So keep your mind open and go for the school you think would fit you the best.” —Will ’23

“Choosing a school is about matching your interests with the strengths of the school. Fortunately, Commonwealth has a strong academic and arts curriculum, with a variety of sports options to choose from.” —Govind ’25

“Shadowing and talking to current students is [great], but I think trusting yourself is the biggest thing.” —Sienna ’24

“It’s a challenging process, but it'll pass—and it'll feel really good when you're done.” —Juliana ’26

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