Meet Commonwealth Staff: Darren Benedick, Athletics Director

Behind every Commonwealth student is a team of individuals who know them personally and are committed to helping them grow and succeed. While the student’s faculty advisor and classroom teachers are often the most visible members of this team, there’s a rich network of staff who help provide the holistic care and support that allows all students to flourish. 

Athletics Director Darren Benedick has a foot in both the classroom and on the field, teaching our required Health and Community class for ninth graders and coaching all students toward sports that challenge and energize them. Keep reading to get to know him a little better.

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What do you love most about working at Commonwealth?

I thoroughly enjoy the inquisitive nature of students. I see this when I teach, and I see this when I watch them engage with their coaches, and with each other. 

What do students (and families) need to know about you and what you do?

My job is to ensure that the sports program runs smoothly. This includes scheduling all varsity sport contests, as well as all non-varsity sport options. I am going to be the guy who pushes you to get as involved as possible in all things sports, be it as a player or a spectator. 

In addition to running the sports program, I also teach the Health and Community class to all ninth-grade students. It covers a variety of topics ranging from substance misuse to healthy relationships.

When and how can students expect to meet you?

New students and families will have a chance to meet me during orientation or, if not then, early in the academic year. 

What's the best way for students to connect with you during the school year?

You can always find me around the building, but as far as my preferred method of communication, email is always best.

What was your favorite class in high school?

During high school, my favorite class was Physical Education. It was a class where I felt very successful and was also able to demonstrate my leadership skills. Once I graduated high school, my favorite college classes were Kinesiology and Applied Psychology. It was in these classes where I truly discovered the links between mind and body.

What is your motto?

Good enough is neither.

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