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Four Years at Commonwealth: The Class of 2021 Looks Back

Four years at 151 Commonwealth Avenue have inspired musings on favorite classes, treasured memories, and biggest surprises from the Class of 2021. We asked the hard-hitting questions (even inquiring about the meaning of life), and seniors provided answers both delightful and insightful. 

Read on to discover more from this year’s group of graduates...

What's next? 

“I'm off to Harvard for college. I'm going to study astrophysics and music (I play the cello), as well as take any other cool class I can get my hands on. But first, I'm taking a gap year to bike-pack around the world with my family! On the list of places is Turkey, Greece, France, Portugal, Thailand, Laos, Japan, and Taiwan.”

“WashU '25, currently planning on majoring in math.”

“My summer goal is to make it to the end/start of every line of the MBTA. So far I have gone to Alewife, Lechmere, Riverside, Forest Hills, Bowdoin, Wonderland, and Cleveland Circle.”

“All I know at this point is that I will be attending the University of Chicago next year! I’m not sure what I’m going to major in yet, but I’m leaning towards economics.”

“I’ll be attending Wellesley College on the pre-med track. I hope to be a surgeon and businesswoman focusing on medical tech.”

“I will be attending Columbia University in the fall, majoring in economics-political science on a pre-law track.”

“I will be attending USC as a neuroscience major.”

“Johns Hopkins! I'm interested in studying bioinformatics, but that's still up in the air.”

“Studying violin performance at the Royal College of Music.”

“Los Angeles!!! 🌞✈️ Better weather!!”

“Hopefully urban planning and/or computer science related things, and more sewing!”

“Wellesley College and hopefully traveling the world soon.”

“I will be attending Columbia University and majoring in physics.”

“I think I would prefer not to know. It could involve taking over the world.”

“Vassar, exploring, maybe computer science— maybe not.”

“Studying math and computer science at Cornell.”

“Hopefully studying biochem on the pre-med track at WashU.”

“Majoring in who knows what at Smith.”

What are your favorite memories from Commonwealth?

“My advisor meetings with Mr. Letarte were a highlight of my week. I really enjoy our conversations, which range from anything from Baroque music to politics to cultural identity to the ethics of grades and placement tests.”

“Forming a band with some classmates and a resident at Ruggles Assisted Living, and playing for the residents.”

“Project Week at the CFA. Chilling in the art room during fourth period on Tuesdays. Eating lunch with my friends every day. Getting pastries every Friday. Co-leading the Disney on a Spit workshop [during InCommon Day]. Hanging out in the photo lab with Ms. Nieto's playlists.”

“French Exchange—all the fun meals and chats we had.”

“The Italy trip.”

“The French exchange and the Spanish exchange.”

“John Denver in the ceramics studio.”

“Free periods on the couches and in the ceramics studio.”“Probably my first few Hancocks in Maine. There’s something really special about spending time with friends for a few days in such a beautiful place.”

“Sophomore spring Hancock was definitely one of the highlights of my Commonwealth experience. We went glamping, brought so much candy, and blasted music the whole time.” 

“Sophomore year Hancock was one of the most wonderful experiences, meeting and getting to know and becoming close friends with people that I would have never otherwise talked to.”

“Hancock, especially as a senior at the Merrill Farm.”

“Tenting at Hancock.”

“French exchange, squash, tenting at Hancock.”

“Chamber music rehearsals, Hancock trips, hanging out with friends, and many more.”

“Hanging out with friends, teachers (and their kids) at Hancock. Also actor warm ups before shows :)”


“Watching the sunset at camp Winona.”

“Hancock over the years.”

“My favorite memories are the many times a student or teacher has made a connection, created an abstraction, or found a solution which has surprised me. I never fail to be impressed by the creativity and intelligence of the members of our community.” 

"Why is it leaking" and "Mom, this isn't good for Yale."

What has been the most surprising aspect of your four years here?

“All the cool people I've met across grades, in and out of class, and the conversations we've had, and how attentive and thoughtful so many people are.”

“We had many students and teachers willing to play touch football at Hancock-in-the-City.”

“So many stairs.”

“The workload didn’t feel too overwhelming and instead felt rewarding. As much as everyone complains about how much homework they have all the time, I think that if you find the ability to enjoy what you’re doing, it will be much more satisfying to do homework.”

“How the close-knit community makes it much easier to become friends with people outside your grade.”

“The fact that it's only been three years.”

“I've never taken a Brewster class.”

“The sudden switch to pandemic life within school.”

“Who I wound up being friends with at the end of all this!”

“After four years, it feels like I still only just got here.”

“Teachers—you can talk to them.”

“I've never been to Beach Day.”

“Sid uses his left hand.”

What word sums up your Commonwealth experience?



Rose, bud, thorn





... Contact?


Just great 😀

Eclectic :)



Minute (not the time definition)




Who/what influenced you the most at Commonwealth?

“The teachers! I will always be grateful for the time and care they put into building relationships with students and engaging with our interests.”

“My amazing teachers.” 

“Ms. Nieto.”

“The stairs have influenced the level of my fitness.”

“My chamber group.”

“My lovely advisor, Ms. Healy; my kind and attentive teachers; and the hardworking kitchen staff! :)”

“My teachers (all of them), but also theater tech and the friends I made through that, freshman year humanities, my advisors, and some other adults and students in the school community.”

“Definitely my friends.”

“My friends.”

“Ancient History with Mr. Conolly freshman year, also Film with Ms. Dale.”

“What can I say? All my teachers, my advisor, and my headmaster. And to some extent, my classmates.”

“Mr. Vollrath.”

“Xander Dingothy.”

Favorite class at Commonwealth?

“Stop asking unfair questions. My highlights have been Physics 1 Advanced with Mr. Barsi, Reasons for Writing with Ms. Brewster, U.S. History with Ms. Haber and Mr. Holub-Moorman, Geometry with Mr. Letarte, Reading and Ethics with Mr. Wharton, Photography with Ms. Nieto, and Mandarin 3 with Ms. Shu.” 

“Theoretical Calculus.”

Chem 1(A).” 

“Probably Ms Haber’s U.S. History class. There’s nothing like a fiery discussion about the causes of the Civil War.”

“Either Anatomy and Physiology or Bio 2.”

“Chem 2.”

“English 12: Reasons for Writing.”

“Advanced Photography.”

“Adv Photo.”

“Music Theory.”

“Art History with Ms. Dale and Mr. Kerner.”

“Computer Science 1 with Mr. Lew, or English 12 Reasons for Writing with Ms. Brewster.”

“Physics Accelerated with Mr. Barsi.”

“Relativity: The Special and General Theory.”

“This is an impossible question.”

“U.S. History with Ms. Haber. I'm not usually drawn to humanities, but Ms. Haber makes every class fascinating. For the first time I didn't dread writing assignments.”

“Theoretical Calculus.”

“City of Boston with Mr. Holub-Moorman.”

“Anatomy & Physiology, Bio 2, and Ceramics.”

What is the meaning of life?

“I think that question can be interpreted many different ways. The two that pop out the most are, ‘What does ‘life’ mean?’ and ‘What gives us our sense of purpose and meaning in life?’ Clearly the only right answer to both of those questions is ‘eating apricots.’ I received a sign from the universe that it was so. Sophie Fullerton can confirm this.””

“To become a soundcloud rapper and blow up.” 

“Why would I know this?”

“As world-renowned philosopher and academic Lana del Rey once said: ‘We were born to die.’”  

“Eating 50 chicken nuggets at Wendy's.”

“The inherent meaning of life is to survive, I think. Beyond that, life is what you make of it! Isn't that exciting?”


“To become TikTok famous.”


“Drink boba, eat sushi!” 


“Whatever you want it to be.”