seniors wear their college gear
College Outcomes for the Class of 2021

And just like that—a quick four years later—the Commonwealth School Class of 2021 has set off into the world, traveling near and far on their college journeys. Many took advantage of the fantastic institutions in Massachusetts and around the Northeast, while plenty more are headed to the Midwest standard bearers. A relative “spike” of four seniors are headed out west to California, while two students will travel internationally, to Canada and the United Kingdom, for the next four years. Wherever their next destination (and all those that follow), the Class of 2021 has demonstrated over their years at Commonwealth that they are ready to make the most of their experiences. 

It was another fulfilling college application process, too: 90% of the thirty-one graduates were accepted to their top-choice schools, 94% were accepted to very selective schools (admitting 19% or fewer applicants), and 100% were accepted to one or more of their preferred colleges. The graduating class is grateful to Sophia Meas, Commonwealth’s Director of College Counseling, for her wisdom, warmth, and guidance through the college admissions journey! 

Commonwealth’s Class of 2021 matriculated into the college and universities listed below; the number following each institution indicates how many students will attend.

  • Boston College (1)
  • Columbia University (2)
  • Cornell University (2)
  • Grinnell College (1)
  • Harvard College (1)
  • Haverford College (1)
  • Johns Hopkins University (1)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)
  • McGill University (1)
  • Mount Holyoke College (1)
  • Northeastern University (1)
  • Northwestern University (1)
  • Pomona College (1)
  • Princeton University (1)
  • Royal College of Music (1)
  • Smith College (2)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (1)
  • University of Southern California (2)
  • University of Chicago (3)
  • Vassar College (1)
  • Washington University in St. Louis (3)
  • Wellesley College (2)

Congratulations to all of our graduating students on the fruits of four years of hard work and patience, grace and determination. We can’t wait to see where the future takes you!

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