Commonwealth Sports Recap 2023–2024

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, Commonwealth’s building rustles with activity, as students throw on uniforms, grab equipment, and hustle to get to their sports practices and games. Sometimes soccer, sometimes fencing, sometimes sailing—always a core component of a busy Commonwealth week. And while team sports are only required during our fall and winter seasons, many students play in the spring, too, eager to continue growing their skills and spending time with friends and teammates. 

The 2023–2024 athletics year was one for the books, with top-five finishes for almost all of our teams and a spate of individual students recognized as MVPs, All Stars, or All-League Team members. This spring, we were particularly thrilled to inaugurate our very own Girls’ Volleyball team, the newest addition to Commonwealth sports! With coaching assistance from Director of Operations Stephanie Poynter and her daughter Annabel, the team had an impressive first season, winning two out of seven games in their month-long run. We are pleased to recap these and other athletics highlights below. 

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Three-Team-Sport Athletes

Nineteen students committed to team sports for all three seasons—a notable investment of time and energy and a testament to their dedication. 

  • Lizzy Wakefield ’24 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Eli Denenberg ’25 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Dylan Sherry ’25 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Brooks Sjostrom ’25 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Bonnie Wang ’25 (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Will Washko ’25 (Soccer, Fencing, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Rimas Youssef ’25 (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Aditya Anand ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Sailing)
  • Sofia Dinamarca-Singleton ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Mirabel Han ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Juliana Li ’26 (Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Maia McKneally ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Will Papp ’26 (Cross Country, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Elsie Shoemaker ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Addie Zha ’26 (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Bridget Chen ’27 (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Cole Miranda ’27 (Soccer, Basketball, Sailing)
  • Linus Shafer-Goulthorpe ’27 (Soccer, Basketball, Sailing)
  • Vybhav Velamoor ’27 (Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee)

Fall Season

Boys’ Soccer

Team finished third out of five in the MBIL D-2.

  • Thomas Du ’24, All-League Team
  • Henry Levenson ’24, All-League Team
  • Tomi Duintjer Tebbens Nishioka ’27, All-League Team

Girls’ Soccer

Team finished third out of seven in the GIL.

  • Lizzy Wakefield ’24, All-League Team
  • Elsie Shoemaker ’26, All-League Team
  • Beatrice Hsu ’27, All-League Team

Cross Country

Boys’ team finished eighth out of nine in the championships. Girls’ team finished second out of eight in the championships.

  • Mira Haber ’26, All-League Team, Fifth Place in Championship Race
  • Juliana Li ’26, All-League Team, Fifteenth Place in Championship Race

Winter Season

Boys’ Basketball 

Team finished eighth out of eight in MBIL D-2.

  • Ben Hines ’26, All-League Team

Girls’ Basketball 

Team finished fifth out of eight in the GIL.

  • Anya Nigro ’27, All-League Team


Men’s team placed third in the championship tournament. Women’s team (short handed) lost in Round 1.

Spring Season

Ultimate Frisbee

Team finished second out of seven in the MBIL.

  • Eli Denenberg ‘25, MBIL League MVP
  • Andrew Carter ’25, All-League Team
  • Peyson Bilimoria ’25, All-League Team

Girls Volleyball (Inaugural Season!)

Team finished fifth out of sixth in the GIL.

  • Juliana Li ’26, All-League Team


  • Oliver Grant ’25, Seventh Place Finish in 420 A Fleet Championship Race

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