Junior Awarded in Monologue-Writing Competition

Avery ’23 received an honorable mention for their entry in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG)'s High School Monologue Writing Contest, with a work expanding on the perspective of a character in a universe of their creation. 

METG's monologue competition is open annually for Massachusetts students in grades 6–12, and includes the opportunity for young writers to edit their pieces in a workshop setting. Each year's judge, a professional playwright, reviews pieces with an eye for dynamic action and the rhythms of character speech. 

Avery's monologue probes at the competing desires of a secondary character in their fictional world. "[The character's] worldview has just been tipped around," Avery explains, "and it puts them out of sync with someone they care about." Avery wrote the piece around the internal deliberation that takes place as the speaker tries to reconcile the relationship with a new set of beliefs. 

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The monologue is far from this junior's first creative project. Avery, an actor and writer of plays, songs, and other pieces, has been crafting the world that inspired the monologue since their freshman year. Avery hopes to present their award-winning entry this May at one of Commonwealth's end-of-year assemblies for creative works. And if the details that Avery's revealed about the speaker's conflict intrigue you, stay tuned: after fleshing out their setting more, Avery plans to publish a complete story as a webcomic. 


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