Junior Named to All-National Chorus

Sound echoes easily throughout the Commonwealth hallways, and one voice often heard, privately rehearsing Handel's "Messiah" or whatever the upcoming Concert piece is, is that of tenor Benny Jaffer '21.

Soon, more than the passersby in Commonwealth's halls will be able to hear Benny's voice, as the junior was recently accepted to the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) All-National Chorus, one of the organization's All-National Honor Ensembles.

After progressing to All-State music recognition, Benny was invited to audition for Nationals based on his score in the state-wide audition. He joins approximately 130150 students from across the country in the All-National Chorus, with about 20 percent of those being tenors—quite the accomplishment for the talented singer. 

The NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles is still scheduled to take place in Florida in November, though, of course, everything is tentative. One way or another, however, Benny will be able to share his voice with a national audience. 

To hear Benny in action, visit our YouTube page for a video of last year's Winter Concert, fast-forwarded to the 19-minute mark so you can hear Benny's solo!