Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners 2021

Twenty-one Commonwealth students across all four grades were recognized this year for their achievements and skill in art and writing. The winners are as follows:


Gold Key

Tom Greany ’22, Photography

Ben O’Donnell ’23, Photography

James Wu ’23, Drawing*

Olivia Wang ’24, Drawing*

Silver Key

Dina Pfeffer ’22, Sculpture

Kai Tjia ’22, Ceramics

Parth Garg '23, Photography

Charlee Rivera '23, Photography

Olivia Wang '24, Drawing*

Honorable Mention

Jo Doyle ’23, Photography

Kian Woo Park ’23, Drawing

Parmis Mokhtari-Dizaji ’24, Photography*

Charlee Rivera '23, Photography

*Individual student entries submitted outside of school


Gold Key

Addie Moore Gerety '22, "We Have Not Gone to Lunch in Months," Poetry

Silver Key

Markus Tran '21, "Homebound," Poetry 

Dina Pfeffer '22, "Unboxing," Flash Fiction

Kendall Brainin '23, "WOMAN." Poetry

Soomin Lee '23, "Home," (Flash Fiction) and "Rice Cake" (Poetry)

Honorable Mention

Betty Smart '21, "Thinking of You," Short Story

Ayla Ladha '22, "The Seventh Wife," Short Story

Eitan Sengupta '22, "A Nocturne of Snow," Science Fiction & Fantasy

Grace Pariser '23, "Canada Geese," Poetry

Avery Selk '23, "Most Forbidden," Science Fiction & Fantasy

David Wang '23, "Fishmonger," Flash Fiction