Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners 2023

Congratulations to our thirteen Commonwealth student winners in the 2023 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: 


Gold Key

Sophia Seitz-Shewmon ’24, "Moa—A Precious Witness of Lost Worlds," Sculpture

Olivia Wang ’24, "Contact," Photography

Bonnie (Xintong) Wang ’25, "When I Reach Far Away," Drawing & Illustration 

Silver Key

Alec Lazorisak ’25, "Urban Changes," Photography  

Kian Park ’23, "Evolution," "Views of a Vacuum," Drawing & Illustration; "Folding Light," Architecture and Industrial Design 

Sophia Seitz-Shewmon ’24, "Unfamiliar Family—Archeotherium," Sculpture 

Honorable Mention

Eliza Lamster ’24, "A Sunrise at Hancock," Photography 

Alec Lazorisak ’25, "Forgotten Trauma," Photography  

Kian Park ’23, "Solace in Solitude," Drawing & Illustration; "Colossus," Sculpture 

Dava Sitkoff ’24, "At the Corner," Photography 

Olivia Wang ’24, "Muzzle, Obscured," Drawing & Illustration


Gold Key

Grace Pariser ’23, "What I Didn't Tell You After Listening to the Radio," Poetry 

Silver Key

Koki Cameron ’26, "The Solution to the Drug Epidemic is Already Here," Critical Essay 

Sarin Chaimattayompol ’25, "It's Not About the Green Tea," Flash Fiction 

Honorable Mention

Anto Catanzaro ’24, "A Guide to Soul-Shattering," Flash Fiction 

Alex Choi ‘23, "Worms in Driftwood," Flash Fiction; "The Rain as Humanity," Short Story

Ella McKee ‘23, "The Afterparty," Short Story

Grace Pariser ’23, "To Nero, at the Great Fire at Rome," "Concord," "Solstice," Poetry 


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