Students Take the Virtual Stage in Shakespeare Competition

This January, as in all years prior, Commonwealth held its annual Shakespeare Competition, in which students recite monologues before the entire school and a panel of judges. The winner goes on to represent the school in the regional English-Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition

Betty Smart '21 took top honors this year, for her performance of Iago from Othello (Act 2, Scene 3). Michael Karezin '22 and Dava Sitkoff '24 finished in second and third. 

The show must go on, of course, and so this event, like all performance and visual arts traditions in the past year, was held virtually, with students preparing and recording monologues from their home. The panel of judges were resident Shakespeare expert Ms. Rikita Tyson of the English department, the worldly and theater-going Ms. Estrella Alves, and Assistant Theater Director Shanelle Villegas. 

Thank you to all of our students who provided wonderful entertainment and passionate performances in this beloved tradition.