Parents Committee


The Commonwealth Parents Committee provides many opportunities for parents to participate in the Commonwealth School community.

How We Operate

The Commonwealth Parents Committee consists of parents who volunteer to organize events and activities, both inside and outside the School. These bring parents, teachers, and administrators together on an informal basis. The Committee also helps recruit other parent-volunteers for such School-led initiatives as annual fund-raising.

Events and Activities

The Parents Committee members organize, coordinate, or sponsor:

  • Host families for incoming students and their parents
  • Potluck dinners for parents in each class
  • "Mermaid Mixers," a series of parties at parents' homes, which also raise funds for the School
  • Implementation of the chaperone policy for student parties
  • Parent forums featuring outside speakers or master classes taught by faculty
  • Faculty and staff appreciation luncheon
  • Dinner in honor of parents of new students

All parents are welcome to join the Parents Committee. For more information please contact Carly Renshaw, parent liaison, at