Co-ed independent day school in Boston's Back Bay for academically adventurous students in grades 9–12

Student Life

What's it like to be a Commonwealth student? The answer comes in a myriad of moments: Diligently planning a Model U.N. conference. Running along the Esplanade. Coffee and conversation with your advisor. Making breakfast—for 200 people—before the sun rises at Hancock. Along the way, the faculty guidance and support is a constant in our close-knit community. And the memories last a lifetime. 



A Day in the Life

Every day, Commonwealth’s character reveals itself as students ask questions, joke with each other and with teachers, and take on the topics and concerns that are foremost on their minds. An intense curiosity coupled with a sense of humor are apparent in all their school activities—organized and unplanned, academic and extracurricular.
In our small yet richly varied community, generosity and respect guide how we treat each other. We enjoy being together; students cluster in lobbies, nooks, and corners all over the building to talk before school and between classes. During daily “recess,” the entire school gathers for a mid-morning snack, announcements, and even an occasional skit. We carve out time to connect as we celebrate recent performances, sports victories, and birthdays.
Many students get to school early. They’ve come on foot, or via bicycle, train, bus, subway, or car, and are eager to get started with their day. They sit on the floor in a cozy alcove in the lobby, or migrate to the library, a classroom, or a studio. Some find teachers and talk before class. 
At the end of the day the scene replays itself. Students stay to do homework, hold a club meeting, play in Jazz Ensemble. Some will go grab a snack in the neighborhood and come back for a play rehearsal. They seem reluctant to leave school. On other days, students scatter to sports venues for games and practices.
The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, animated by a spirit of playfulness. Commonwealth students create their own culture, and it’s a very generous one. They accept each other, quirks and all. The chess enthusiast and the soccer captain have equal status. Students feel safe to be themselves here, at home in this small community that values diligent work, joyous play, and friendship.


I felt like when I came here on my first visit day, I was introduced right into a mix of friends and people coming from different places. They invited me right into their community. Throughout my experience here as a freshman, I felt like Commonwealth has not let me down in any way. I have new friends. I've learned to take opportunities and try new things, and attempt challenges I would never have dreamed of doing.

Anirudh Nistala
Class of 2021


Hancock Memories

Twice a year, the entire school heads out to spend a long weekend together at a rustic lakeside camp in New England. This cherished tradition, known as “Hancock,” is as old as Commonwealth. Together we prepare our own meals, lead activities like woodworking or bird watching, and share our comedic, vocal, and instrumental talents. Most of all, we spend time together outside school, building new friendships and bonding as a community.


Student Clubs

Deepen your interests and discover new ones. Take on a leadership role, or begin a new club yourself. If you have the motivation and the interest, there’s truly nothing you can’t pursue here.

Find Your Niche(s)

Community Service

From our Boston location, volunteer opportunities are easy to reach, and our students eagerly pursue them, often surpassing our community service graduation requirement. 

Get Ready to Give Back


Study Abroad

Whether you venture to Spain, Perú, France, Italy, or China as a Commonwealth student, we think you’ll agree that travel is the most authentic—and memorable—way to experience a language and culture.

See How Far You'll Go