Jobs Program

What does it mean to be part of a community? 

At Commonwealth, it’s pitching in, taking responsibility, and caring for others—and one of the most visible examples of this ethos is our Jobs Program, where we all help maintain our shared space.
The Jobs Program is as old as Commonwealth itself, instituted by our founder, Charles Merrill, to teach students the importance of shared stewardship and community mindedness. Through basic tasks like sweeping, mopping, and dishwashing, you’ll learn to take pride in ownership, to lead by example, to hold yourself and others accountable, and to leave your surroundings better than you found them. As legendary Commonwealth English teacher Kate Bluestein once said, “We want students to know that life is not a self-cleaning oven.”
Most jobs take place in our Cafegymnatorium, where you and your team will prep and clean up after lunch and snack. Standing next to your classmates (and teachers!), with a broom in hand or elbows deep in soapy water, you’ll learn how to work together, you’ll form and deepen friendships, and—dare we say it?—you might even have some fun. Just ask the students who pitch in even on days they don’t have to!

Please reach out to our Jobs Program Coordinator Al Letarte with questions. 

Jobs Program at a Glance

  • Student crews prep and clean our Cafegymatorium, servery, and other spaces every day.
  • Students are assigned to required crews at the beginning of each school year.
  • Every student has roughly the same number of Jobs Program hours: 20 minutes once a week or ~40 minutes every other week.
  • Students rotate through a range of jobs, including sweeping, disinfecting surfaces, and putting out tables and chairs. Students with allergies are assigned non-food-related tasks.