Named Funds

Most donations to annual giving come with no restrictions, thus permitting the School to use them where and as needed during the year they are received. Named funds and other designations allow you to direct your contributions to a specific area. Restricted gifts, unless otherwise noted, are also spent in the academic year they are made.


Commonwealth has several named scholarship funds. Contributing to one of these honors the person after whom it is named and helps the School live up to one of its core commitments—enabling students to enroll without regard to their background or family circumstances. For scholarship fund descriptions, click here.

Other Designations

John Hughes Fund for Faculty Development

Named in honor of the late John Hughes, the first teacher hired at Commonwealth and the master of 9th-grade English. The way he conceived of his classes—characterized by close reading, rigorous writing, and love for the texts—has formed generations of Commonwealth students. The Hughes Fund supports our teachers by paying for courses they take, their summer initiatives, conferences they attend, and materials they require. Gifts to this fund are spent in the year they are made.

Earmarked Gifts

You may prefer to distinguish your gift for one or more special projects: scholarships, for example, or computer or sports equipment, or the arts.